Help please , Record track

I created a stack with my guitar input and amp plug-in as an insert. Then I created a track and set the guitar stack as the input. Recorded the guitar. But then it hasn’t recorded the amp sim insert , only the dry signal. I don’t get it.

And I should add, the track doesn’t play back ‘through’ the stack so all I get is the dry guitar.

That is not possible. A Stack is a closed entity and cannot be source of a track.
If you want to apply fx to recorded tracks, you have to apply them to the track channel.

That is not possible either. A Stack is a “live” entity. Apply fx to the track channel instead.

Ah ok. So I must have had the stack in my monitor and the track just shared the same input. I understand.

So if I have my song all set up with stacks and layers and parts and whatnot, and I want to record the performance of it , is that possible?

We are planning to record mixer outputs, so the entire result, if that’s what you mean.
Currently, there is no equivalent to Layer recording with Stacks. That is also in the planning, it looks like that’s what your intention was initially.

Yeah, at the moment I’m just running my guitar in and trying to record a jam, getting a feel for the software but I would hope that if I commit to assembling a set for performance that I would be able to multitrack record everything so I could do some studio mixes later on.