Help please,searched but did not see

Hello, Im on my last few days of cubase pro 12 demo. Using my macbook pro M1 8GB ram

And I cannot get Opus/ Spectrasonics/ Kontakt/ Serum/ to sound! My novation 61key is hooked up as i see the midi light up in cubase. But no sound

Up to date with all instruments

i am using a stream deck to control cubase
uad Apollo twin interface

I usually work in Logic Pro X but cubase looks amazing

help and thank you

Is everything routed correctly?
Please show us a screenshot of your Audio Connections window (press F4 in the main window).

You may have the Control Rooom enabled but not routed (CR is handy, but not required to use Cubase). You can switch to the CR tab in the Audio Connections windows and disable it for now, and make sure in- and outputs tabs are set correctly for your interface and monitors.

Then simply create a new instrument track with one of the mentioned VSTs and see, if signal flows goes from the instrument to the Stereo Out (check the Stereo Out meter). You need to find out where the signal stops and work on that. Is it something set wrong in Cubase? If everything runs fine in Logic without issues, you can at least sort out hardware or driver problems.

I am on Windows and do not know about Mac-specific things, but I run a Streeam Deck as well without issues (Pro 11; on the verge of upgrading to 12) on my end. Though this should not play any role at all.

signal stops from the instruments to output because I can see the midi in cubase but no sound comes out. Frustrating

Apart from midi activity, are audio levels showing activity in the mixer ? Then the main VU meter on the left doesn’t show any ?

No audio is coming out at all. No levels showing.
I can add audio tracks all day and everything works, but with most of my software instruments theres no sound.

Can you open the channel settings of your instrument tracks (the little e) and make sure the audio output is selected ?

Hi, I edited the standalone and now i seem to have some noise yayyy. I will check it out closer after work. Thanks for all the help guys

This is still happening, I contacted support. We preferences, and kontakt worked for like 4 minutes. Then went silent again. So frustrating