Help please,Sound library drive has slowed down

Hi there,

I just wondered if anyone could please help.

My sound library hard drive, which is not old (640 gb caviar black WD sata) has suddenly slowed down in terms of response time. It is a separate drive from my system drive.

Just opening the folders,if they haven’t just been opened takes a lot longer than before even if they only have about 20 files in them… My 250gb usb drive which has about 8ogb of mp3’s on it just opens instantly, no problem even with folders with alot of content in.

Right clicking on the sound library drive (on the main drive symbol or any of the folders inside (if they haven’t just been opened before) and trying to open properties causes the same delay (up to about 6 seconds depending on how it feels not on how many things are in it!)

I compared the folder options & properties between the two drives & they are identical. I tried changing the setting for what the the folder is optimized for ie. General, Documents, music etc & that doesn’t seem to have any effect.

If anyone has any ideas or had the same problem solved or knows any excellent software to use to find out why explorer or whatever it is has to think about it every time it opens a folder, it really would be grately appreciated…It’s driving me nuts!! :angry:

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:



Im having a stab here, but it may sound as if there is drive access troubles (bad sectors? etc) or your running something in the background which is preventing windows (7?) from accessing the drive …run a utility from W/D to diagnose.(you can download it for free from W/D)…I recently had a WD Caviar green, which was diagnosed as having bad sectors within a week of purchase…check out your drives surface/file system asap.