HELP please: Text not displayed with diff time sigs and "play n times" repeats

Greetings folks,

I just had a discussion with Leo on the Facebook forum, and he advised I post the project here. The problem is with “play n times” displaying after I had done a custom different time signature for the flute in the third flow at rehearsal “S” mm. 33-34
the indications disappeared in the whole flow, as well (those times before at Rehearsal “O” m 20, as well as Red “L” at m. 5 and 6 (those were each 6 times, now they don’t show either). These all displayed fine BEFORE I made the custom time sig change at m.35 in the flute part. It also still plays the repeats, but now loops back to the beginning of the third flow after playing m. 21 (I hadn’t gotten around to resetting the measure numbers in the third flow yet).

Here is the project (I’m on a Mac):
Olde Tuun PinballMIX1 v3 (800 KB)
Here is the Facebook discussion (in case it helps)
Thanks so much to Leo Nicholson for his help and patience of steel:

"Wondering if this is something I’m ‘derping’ wrong again, or if it’s abnormal behavior; I have a repeat set up, and there is a dotted bar line in between (with a time sig change) to clarify, then the next measures have diff time signatures- so when I go down to properties to say “play n times” it won’t display on either instrument. It must be me:
diff time sig play n times not working.jpg
Leo Nicholson
What’s set at Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Repeat Count > Location for repeat count?
No problem here

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson now it seems ALL “repeat n times” text has disappeared. I will check the engraving options, but it worked fine before I did the diff time sigs

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz I missed the bit about the independent time signatures, but that’s still not an issue here.

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz Ah. Wait a sec. One time signature has to be global (e.g. not Alt-Enter when closing the popover). This is good practice anyway, as other things go wrong if you don’t have one global time signature.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Repeat n Times is “on”

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Engraving option ‘seems’ to be right.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson not sure I follow…?

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz That Engraving Option isn’t relevant. This one is the one I asked about.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson yes, that is correctly set. I just changed it to “show at start” and still now ALL text indicating this are hidden. It still plays back with the repeats, though.

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz What I meant is that the repeat barline (and one of the time signatures) need to be regular global barlines/time signatures. If you’ve entered both time signatures while holding Alt or by closing the popover with Alt-Enter, it won’t work properly.

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz Just try deleting that whole set of barlines and time signatures, then start again, in this order.

  1. Add 11/8 as a regular time signature.
  2. Set end repeat barline.…(etc, shortened)

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson I see, I will try to fix this- I thought I did it right, but prob not. But that doesn’t explain the missing text from BEFORE this moment.
Is it possible that, since this is a new flow, and I did not have a time signature in the beginning of the flow, that is what’s causing the problems?

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz It sounds to me like you have sections of music that don’t have a global time signature. At the beginning of the flow you need an “open” time signature, I guess.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson I originally had an x, and put dotted bar lines in as I was figuring it out. Then added time sigs, and repeats. This is wrong?

Istvan Peter B’Racz
I found composing this way in Dorico to be amazingly fruitful.

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz There’s nothing wrong about that, specifically. The thing that’s likely to be wrong is having sections of music where there are only independent meters, no global meter.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson so when I entered, later, a time sig at the beginning of this flow, that doesn’t count as a global time signature?

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz It counts as a global time signature if it is a single time signature that applies to all staves.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Leo Nicholson yes- that’s what it was.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
(The beginning of the last flow) originally it had no time sig, then I added them later, with repeats, and dotted bar lines, and indicated a few places with “repeat n times” which now no longer show up.

Istvan Peter B’Racz
Ok, so now something weird is happening- it plays from the beginning of the third flow, with correct number of repeats (even though it does t display them) and then gets to a certain point and loops beck to the beginning of the flow over and over-

Leo Nicholson
This is complicated. You need to post the project, either publicly or to someone on the development team.

Leo Nicholson
Istvan Peter B’Racz It’s probably a matter of a couple of minutes’ work to get to the bottom of, but no-one’s going to get there from a few screenshots.


As you have already seen the problem begin with the independent repeat barline at bar 21, if you delete (with the system track) from bar 20 till the end of the flow the repeat indications are back. Hopefully someone have a better solution but i would advise you to enter the repeat indications as text (with shift + x) and, if playback is important, to create a new flow or file and write down all repeats.


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I don’t quite understand what you mean, are you saying I should avoid using the repeats altogether, and just write out each repeat? That would make this score very hard to read, and one would lose their place easily. I’m hoping its an easy fix, or that I did something stupid out of order (which I’m prone to do here).


I mean that you may have encountered a bug (surely someone from the developing team can explain better what the problem is) and you could write the “repeats counts” as (system) text.
repeats with system text.gif
The suggestion to write down all repeats, in a new flow, is just in case you need the flow to play correctly, if you want to export audio for example. You will have then a flow as you have already written for the players and a flow just for playback. Thats will take a while but i do not see an easier solution.

By the way, i would also advise to enter the written indications in page 6 as default text (with shift +x or from the write dropdown menu select create text) and not as text in a frame text in order to avoid the page override.

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Take a look at the attached file, you’ll see what i mean .
Olde Tuun PinballMIX1 v3 2020 (1000 KB)

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Rather than working around this it would be good to get to the bottom of the problem. I haven’t had a chance to investigate the file sufficiently yet.

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Ah, I now see what you are meaning, a BIG thanks for your quick help!
It may be a bug, but Leo (on Facebook) indicated that my problems may have stemmed from not selecting a global time signature from the beginning of the third flow, and then entering them haphazardly as I decided on them.

The odd thing is that it PLAYS back with the correct number of repeats, it just doesn’t SHOW it suddenly.
And its bizarre how its stuck in a loop from around m. 21 of the third flow back to the beginning of the third flow.

I guess the “text” thing comes from my Finale way of thinking. I have been slowly adapting.
And loving it, even with all my frustrations.

Hopping to figure this out sooner than later, as my performers are waiting on me to finish this up now, and send it to them (of course).

This would be hugely appreciated.
I’m basically just waiting on this for now until its resolved in some way.
I know there is a lot of text in the OP, but I thought it might help to see what Leo and I had already been through on Facebook,
so it doesn’t waste anyone’s time here.
I really appreciate that anyone takes time out to look at this.

(Just to clarify, I’m the same Leo as the Leo on Facebook)

Hey now, tell the truth. No lion.

Oh for Kreieing out loud!

Good to see you on here!

…heh. I think the quarantine is getting to us already…

I have a feeling that you won’t be able to easily fix this. I believe the problem is that you have local time signatures in the top instrument one bar after P (8/8), two bars after P (6/4), and two bars after S (11/8). Various things won’t appear when local time signatures are in play, and the “Play n times” indicator is such an example. I’m afraid you’ll need to add that text using system text for the time being.

Daniel, thanks so much.
No problem with adding the text.
(I did that ALL the time with “other” programs for YEARS).

The other weirdness is the sudden looping from m.21 of the third flow to the beginning of the third flow.
I can’t figure out WHY that is happening, and how to just make it play all the way through now.
Did I do something stupid?

It’ll be the same problem. Repeats playback and local time signatures don’t mix, I’m afraid.

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Got it.
I’ll try a few things, like adding a measure after 21, and deleting 21, and writing a new measure. That should take care of it (I hope).

P.S. I’ve now OFFICIALLY removed F!n@le from my main CPU’s Dock.
This is BIG. Like over 20+ years big…

Yes Daniel, I now see what you mean about having diff time sigs and repeat playback getting messed up,
with the repeat-text not displaying. I figured out some workarounds,
and made it work both in playback, and added the text manually.

I’m really so impressed with the program and its power.
I’m looking forward to when I can have either a little graphic designer built in,
or an improvisation box maker, etc for more modern scores.
You definitely have the room in the side panel!

Then I can really and truly finish up a bunch of my chamber and solo works,
and publish them to the world using only Dorico.
Keep on Rockin’