Help please to test my C7.07 session on your C7.5

hi there, I have a session that I made with C7.07 that is not loading the VST Instruments rack, it is an important session for a dance label, I would like your help to test my session and let me know if it opens with the VST Instruments rack ok in 7.5. I am hoping they have fixed whatever problem I am experiencing with the latest version. if this is the case then I will purchase 7.5 just to get this session open and this track finished. My VST Instruments rack has only 7 or 8 VST Instruments, 3 of them are Groove Agent One. If anything even shows up in the VST Instruments rack (its not important if you don’t have all my plugins to actually load just as long as they are listed) then I will be very excited as my session opens with it completely blank…even if they load up as “missing”… that would be enough feedback for me!

if you would be able to help please let me know and I will send you a dropbox of my session .cpr file, it is only 28 Meg.

many thanks for your help in advance…

Blackout :slight_smile:

Hi Blackout
I’m using 7.5.20 on a PC
If you want to PM me with your e mail I will send you a dropbox invite for you to upload your session.
Will be happy to try it on my system for you.

thanks so much MrHehon…much appreciated :slight_smile: will do

Have just sent you an e mail with a couple of screen shots. Think it’s all good. Let me know.

Hi Ian thanks so much for your help and time. It seems to be a different VST Instrument Rack listing to what I have in 7.0?….this vst rack seems to list ALL vst plugins that are loaded on any track, including anything on a VST Instrument track.

My vst instrument Rack should have 3x Groove agent one instances….in slot 3, 4 and 5….i cant see any groove agent one instances in your list? Are they lower down in the list?

it looks like the VST Instrument Rack in 7.5 has been completely re-designed… i do remember reading something about this…

Ok sorry but you seem to have a problem that will not be fixed by using 7.5.

In 7.5 both the track and the rack instruments are visible in the F11 rack.

In the case of your project only the track instruments are showing and working. For example the 3 grove agents in the rack have not opened and are not working. I have no idea why.

I have a customer in the studio tomorrow and Friday but will look in more detail over the weekend.

Sorry again, hope it can be sorted.

thanks again Mrhehon for your help, any more info would be appreciated. I imagine you would have GA1 installed as per standard with C7 so i am just as baffled as to why the session wont load it…

Steinberg how did my session develop this problem…? surely Steinberg this is a bug that has corrupted two of my saves? i can send you my session file also Steinberg to investigate as evidence?


yes BK the F11 has been redesigned in v7.5 so its quite possible it wont open the same way in 7.5. i think theres a v7.5 30 day trial version of 7.5 might be worth trying out but if time is critical id suggest just exporting the work and make a new session if thats possible. as another user stated above i dont think v7.5 will solve the issue but its worth a try i suppose. as to why this happened? throw of the steinberg cosmic dice i think lol cheers m8 :slight_smile:

thanks DL, I noticed that the Steinberg website has finally come to the party and will allow a 7.5 upgrade from 7.0 in my country, previously it required the update to be purchased from a retail store only which was ridiculous. so I just upgraded to 7.5 finally and tried the session-load out myself. Some very weird stuff happening but still, no VST Rack instruments loaded, just as Mr Mehon described.

thanks to both of you for your feedback. moving on with my life. maybe running 7.5 will mean I don’t have this happen again. fingers crossed.


Hi again.
I did try a couple more times and also with the earlier versions of Cubase 7 and Cubase 6.
No instruments showing in the F11 racks, bummer.

If you ever find out the reason can you let me know as this is a strange one.

Sorry it did not work and good luck that your future projects are free of this problem.

thanks Mrhehon you are a gentleman.

Best Regards,