Help please, track data and info

Hello everyone,

I currently have 105 music cue events I parsed from a 2 hours long audio track.
I now need to make a cue sheet with the files´s names and lengths in this audio track.
If I open the Browse Project I can see everything I need, but I can´t find a way to export that information.

Is it possibe?
is there any other workaround or suggestion?

I don’t know of any way to export these things in a useful format… Maybe Nuendo does that, know anyone with Nuendo??

But, you can export them in text XML with lengths in samples (I think). For example, select a few audio parts, press Ctrl-C and then open the Notepad and press Ctrl-V. You will see a load of XML info, but its not really human readable!!

I would probably opt for bouncing them all down, making sure they’ve got nice filenames and then using the command line to get a listing of the files with sizes into a text doc. Problem is that its file sizes not length of cue! The details of this procedure depend on your platform, you didn’t say…

Or, maybe if you’ve got a CD writing program (e.g. Wavelab) which gives you a text printout of the tracks you could probably use that? Load all the files in as separate tracks.


Thanks Mike!

What I did in the end was to create basic audio cd in the Wavelab and got the cue sheet from it.
However this lack of feature (which I actually needed for the first time) is sad since the info is there in the track browser.

I believe that’s an easy task in Protools.
But cheers once again