Help please - Wavelab 7.01 Problem - Cant play audio???

Im unable to suddenly play any audio files in wavelab 7. Ive no idea why they have been OK up to now.

I can load the files OK but everytime I hit the play button nothing happens.
I do note that the play button appears as if on. The cursor line does not move at all in the wave window and if I then hit stop button there is a noticeable delay before the stop processing kicks in shown by the button change.

There are no error messages or clues to work with.

The only system changes which may have changed something since I last ran Wavelab are an Install of Cubase 6 and Windows 7 updates.

I have reinstalled Wavelab 7 and the 7.01 update and reinstalled my firewire sound card drivers with no change.

My only thought at the moment on this is that it may be related to old an ASIO Multimedia driver data somehow affecting / blocking the current drivers of my soundcard. I can find no uninstall option for these older ASIO drivers so if anyone here knows how to remove unwanted ASIO drivers manually could you respond.

Im using Windows 7 Pro 32bit OS.

Thanks in advance


For ASIO, look in the registry at this key:

WaveLab will try to load this drivers at startup.
You could try to temporarily remove these keys to see if that change something.
One solution is to erase the CLSID variable.
Later, whether you paste the values again, to restore the info. You could also reinstall the drivers.

About the Windows 7 update, do you mean the new SP1?

After installing Windows 7 SP1, I had to reselect the audio card in Wavelab 7.01.

Before I worked this out, it displayed a small bug: I was trying to play a multichannel montage through the Windows mapper (which was the audio device that had become selected without my knowledge), and when I double-clicked on the time bar to play, I got an error message (because of not having enough channels). After I dismissed the message, the montage thought the mouse button was held down, and kept zooming as I moved the mouse, until I did another click within the audio display part of the montage.


It seems there have been more problems with W7 SP1, though it normally should be just a collection of previous updates… I’m considering holding off on it for a while.

Luck, Arjan

Not that big a deal, at least as recognised by Microsoft so far - see here. I can see no other articles complaining about this at all (this oddity doesn’t count!), except for some referencing the MS article I linked.


Hi all. Thanks for responses.

Managed to solve the problem via the pointers.

For me it was the old SX3 ASIO drivers ASIO multimedia and generic low latency drivers which it appears WL7 doesn’t play with nicely.

I manually edited the registry HKLM: Software : ASIO entries and associated links and drivers (Drivers found in the Program : Steinberg : SX3 directories on my system) to remove all references.

I also followed PG advices found in a previous forum post regarding the removal of the BaiosDevices .dat file in the Appdata:Roaming:Steinberg:Wavelab7:Cache and let Wavelab rebuild. This I assumes rebuilds the file using the Windows Registry data from HKLM : Software : ASIO, cleaning all links up so they work OK.

I could not find any uninstall utility for the old Steinberg ASIO multimedia driver which came with SX 3 so had to tidy by hand. If anyone has an auto uninstaller it would be useful to know where I can get one.

If you read this PG could you clarify this is registry source which the BaisoDevices.dat uses to rebuild. Also are all the parameter (.dat) files in the Wavelab 7 cache directory rebuilt by Wavelab automatically without a reinstall, if deleted?

Thanks again.


BaisoDevices.dat are the parameters related to the Audio Streaming Settings. This is rebuilt when you open/close the dialog, if this file is missing.

Are you using WaveLab 7.0 or 7.01?

Wavelab 7.01 PG

So is the BaisoDevices.dat file rebuilt using the HKLM Software ASIO registry data?



Whatever registered ASIO device properly installed (registry), is detected.

Thanks PG