Hi there Steinberg & anyone else who might be able to help,

Is there any way of using my Finalizer 96k & monitoring its outputs while using the control room etc?

At the moment I don’t have my mixer here so I was just trying to use it connected to the soundcard (echo layla 3g) but I just can’t get it so I can hear the effect.

Okay, so i have a normal master output & that through the control room goes to outputs 5+6 on the card (Dynaudio monitors)
So I could send it to the Finalizer I set up another output going to Digital out. I then setup another input from the Finalizer (Digital in) So I can know see & record the Finalized signal on a Audio track(but can’t hear it). I set the output of that audio track to Master outputs

I then enabled direct monitoring & pushed the yellow monitoring button & now the meter jumps up & down on the audio track but NOT on the master output. I can’t hear it & can’t find a way to do this.

Any ideas Steinberg please? It’s driving me mad :frowning:

If not this way is there any other way to use & hear the finalizer with just a soundcard (without inserts) & Cubase routing?
Thanks in advance for all help :smiley:

Kind regards, Codsworth

And is there a reason, why you don´t simply configure the finalizer as external Plugin? If not, then I´d suggest you do that.
P.S.:Your Capslock seems broken…

Thinkingcap, thank you so much! Just didn’t think of it! Crazy!

I’ve used ext inst but not fx before so didn’t even think of it! All working fine, thanks again. :smiley:

Kind regards, Codsworth

You´re welcome…