help please

I have been trying to get tech support for a week now and I realy spent a lot on ya ll product so it would be nice if I got some kind of help!!! this probly the 10 time I have try to reach your tech. I have problems with Cubase 7 i bout it brand new and i can’t even use this cause no one will give some support so please my god help me so i can use your software. its saids that online my product is activated and register but i still can’t use it for some reason 1-903-894-7889

Aloha b,

Perhaps some of the users here can help but first you have to help us help you by
stating (from installation) exactly what your problem(s)is(are).

One step at a time here.

Step 1-
List all gear (hard and software) that you are using.


I am sorry to hear that and I have forwarded your request to the US team.