Help Plugin Installation 64 bit

Hi All.

I made some search but didn’t find a clear answer.

Clean installation of windows 7 64 bit
Default installation of Cubase 6.0.2. 64 bit

Question 1:
If I have a simple 32 bit VST plugin as DLL (no installation procedure), where do I have to place the DLL? Do I have to create a specific 32 bit folder the first time?

Question 2:
If I have a 32 bit bit VST plugin with installation procedure, what path do I have to give for correct installation? Do I have to create a specific 32 bit folder the first time?

Question 3:
Do I have to activate something within Cubase 6 64 bit to read 32 bit plugins?

Thanks for your help.


For VST 2.x, you have to create a folder to put the .dll’s and point to it via Plugin Info-VST2.x Paths and re-start Cubase. You can point to this folder for the installs, also. As installs usually want to put their .dll’s in a folder called VSTPlugins in the main Steinberg programs folder, that a good place to do it. Don’t put it in the Cubase programs folder. Cubase’s bit bridge has issues with some VST 2.x plugs. You can see if their listed in the blacklist.XML file in Prefs and if so delete the file and restart Cubase. Many use J-Bridge to avoid Steiny’s bit bridge altogether.

Hi mashedmitten.
Thank you for your help. As sinple as that, but I didn’t want to get the trial/error route.

Do you mean that Cubase 6 has an internal blacklist (blacklist.xml) for 32 bit plugins that will not work or will not be loaded? Is this list public? Can I see that list$’


It’s a file in your Steinberg App Data folder (see Prefs Files link in sig) that contains any plugs Cubase had an issue with. Sometimes deleting this file and re-starting Cubase solves the issue of a plug not showing.