Help? Possible Feature Request: Click/Drag Automation Tracks

Hello—I’ve noticed that the only way to copy automation data on every channel is to manually copy and paste segments from one track into the others repeatedly. If one has many automation curves for different continuous controllers, this can be time consuming. I’ve read the manual and searched online, yet there doesn’t seem to be a workaround.

So, I propose that Steinberg add a click-and draggable interface for automation tracks on the main channel list page.
In short, automation tracks would act as ordinary sound or MIDI events do: select “copy”, “paste”, “duplicate”, or click and drag them underneath other channels.

Perhaps there IS a way to do this within Cubase, but I hope that other people may see that this theoretical method could increase the efficiency of one’s workflow.

What does everyone think?

If I understand you right, you can do all of what you said with the range tool…

…oh. It doesn’t support click-and drag mechanics though, and I still can’t figure out how to copy the automation of one track and transfer it to another in one fell swoop. For example, track 1 has Modulation, Pitchbend, and sustain data. Normally, I’d have to use the range tool to copy all three separately. Is there a way to to everything in one move?

Also, I’ve looked on the internet for this, but there’s no clear answer: How do I delete all of the automation in a channel/track or the entire project?

At a guess, without being in front of the computer id say you’d have to make sure that you had the same automation lanes up as the ones you want to copy and then use the range tool and copy all the lanes at once…

oh, and if you press alt you should be able to copy and drag.

Wow. Perhaps I looked like a fool for not knowing about the range tool by making this topic, but I’m very glad that I did. The range tool is great!!