HELP! Post-fader sends don't behave as post-fader! [SOLVED]

I have a group channel which has 2 sends to 2 FX channels. I’ve configured both of them to be post-fader, yet when I bring the group channel volume all the way down I can still hear everything as if it was pre-fader. C7.5.4.

It is to be noted that both the FX channels are in solo-defeat mode.

[EDIT] Had moved the sends to be pre-fader instead of post-fader and hence the confusion. By default they’re all post-fader. :mrgreen:

Well, if you are sending from the actual group tracks to the FX tracks, then the sends are very obviously prefader. Otherwise your routing is wrong.

False alarm - they were post-fader by default and I had moved them to be pre-fader…Confirmed that it works fine. :smiley: