help!! preset reverb gone missing...

hi all,
anyone have any idea about this… when im trying to load the cubase reverb preset ,the GUI is empty…and it is only the “room work” n “room work se”… it doesnt effect other like chorus,modulation etc… only reverb… can anyone help me out?? hope i dont have to install from sctrach!!!

What version? There’s a Knowledge Base article that deals with this if C5.5.

cubase studio 5.5.2

problem solve!! just incase if anyone having the same problem, here it is

the new update has actually changed the vst3 link for certain preset… new link is c:/user/document/vst3/steinberg techn…/room work se/
so i just need to copy n paste from old ( c:/program file/steinberg/vst3/…) to the new link…