HELP! Problem Installing 7.5.30

Does any one else receive this error? I downloaded it twice to be sure and checked to include for everyone, it installs eLicenser and GASE4 update but not Cubase 7.5.30

Cubase 7.5.30 64bit Update

“An installation paackage for the product Steinberg Cubase 7.5 64bit cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘Cubase75_64bit.msi’.”

When I click “OK” it rolls back, then presents an…“Error 1603.”

I’ve searched Google and tried many fixes from Microsoft with the same result. I’ve also installed other programs since and they’ve installed without an issue. It seem to be a Cubase install file problem. I’ve never had an install problem with Cubase and/or Updates, till now with 7.5.30…Anyone else? :blush:

Best to probably keep this issue in one thread.

I agree but no one’s responding…and I need help, now!

Ok, I fixed the problem…I use 7.5 “repair” then tried to install 7.5.20 but all was installed, then installed 7.5.30 with success!

Thanks anyway…now, how do I mark this “solved?”