Help, Problem when buying cubase

Hola, soy nuevo, soy de chile me cuesta el ingles.
Tengo una situación, compré una licencia nueva de cubase pro 10 y se me olvidó que ya tenia una licencia de cubase le9, por lo tanto tengo dos licencias de cubase en vez de una.
¿Existe la posibilidad de modificar mi compra?, utilizando el valor del upgrade debiese quedarme un excedente que me gustaría utilizar en otro producto de steinberg.

Hi, I’m new, I’m from Chile, it costs me English.
I have a situation, I bought a new license of cubase pro 10 and I forgot that I already had a cubase le9 license, therefore I have two cubase licenses instead of one.
Is there the possibility of modifying my purchase? Using the value of the upgrade, I should have a surplus that I would like to use in another Steinberg product.

Saludos! :nerd:

The answer may well be “no” if you have applied the Cubase Pro 10 licence to your USB eLicenser, as any right of withdrawal that might have existed up to that point is lost by starting to use the licence. However, you will only know for certain by contacting the customer services of the store that you bought from.

The value of a Cubase LE licence towards a Cubase Pro licence is rather low. Indeed, you might want to keep the Cubase LE licence for circumstances where your USB eLicenser is not available.