Help, problems with eLicenser (I don't register key before)

Hi friends.
I really need help. I installed Cubase last year using Soft eLicenser. But didn’t register my key with My Stinberg. I had a problem and reset Windows. After that, I downloaded the new eLicenser. When I enter my activation code, I get the message “USB eLicenser not connected to my computer” Help. How can I restore my Cubase? Thank you

So that I can use reactivation, I need to enter the number of the new eLicenser. I cannot do this because the register menu is not active.

Unfortunately, if you did not register the Soft Elicenser when you had it, you cannot use the MySteingberg website to reactivate, You will have to contact the support dep’t directly.

Do you still have your old activation code?

I think you can also use already used activation code to register the software. If that works you can try to reactivate afterwards.

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thanks, I managed to fix everything. On the site you need to download the " eLC Installation Helper"