Help, question on account reactivation

Dear friends,
I have bought a Cubase 11 last Dec. I changed my email email address after I bought the soft ware. The question is I cant found my software on my web accout. The licensing based products shows nothing.
What happend and what should I do, please help!
Thanks and best wishes.

Here is the picture. I really need help.

Im not a English native speaker, please forgive if my topic is not legal.

Cubase 11 is an eLicenser product. You need to press the “Show eLicenser-based products” on My Steinberg to see what is registered on your account.

The registration on your computer will be in eLicenser Control Center, not Steinberg Activation Manager.

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Dear Sir,

Really appreciate your reply, I was trying a lot of ways to find the anser.
In my old computer I can see the eLicenser, please see Pic 1.

Now Im going to use a new computer. I have to reacticatie the software on my new computer. But the software is missing in [My Steinberg]. Only cubase 12 trail is on list. Please see Pic 2.

Please help.

Here is Pic 2

Did you change the email address that is configured inside your Steinberg account?

From what you are saying, one might conclude that you have opened two different Steinberg accounts, with two different email addresses. Is that the correct understanding?

I bought the software by using the first email. After that I changed the first email to the second email on the second day. The software is running well the same time.
And one month after the bought, I was trying to use a new computer. And I found the problem that I cant found my production in the second email and the first email is not exist now.

So I dont know where is my software and how to do the reactivation. I also send a lot of mails to the different offical email address, and no answer.

I do not really understand what the issue is.

I would like to help you, but for me to do so, I need the exact answers to exact questions

It sounds like

  1. you opened an account using email A
  2. Then you opened an account using email B
  3. you discovered that you can not access account A anymore, because that email address no longer exists


Really thank for your help.
Steps are following:

  1. I opened an account using email A.
  2. I changed the email address A to B in my steinberg website ,and the software should be tranfered to B.
    3.The software is not in B and due to my change, A is not aviable.

I changed the address by using this button. Please check the pic.

The Cubase 11 is not existing in the Products now and I dont know what happened.

Try following the instructions below to register the eLicenser in your My Steinberg account.

Thank you a lot.
I have enter the access code and the website shows my production is a dot and a blank.

Usually It should be a software name(like Cubase 11) or found no production.