Help- realtime peak kills me.

I recently changed my setup from using a Motu device to RME Multiface2. This is the only change I made.
I dont know why but i have tons of troubles with the Nuendo (6.07). With the Motu my computer (old but solid as a rock)
i could run a mid size projects without any problem.
Now, with the RME (I dont even know if it is the RME) i have gliches and peaks and the vst preformance meters are really not stable as they were used to be. they are all over the place.

Now Im on a basic small 1 and half minute trailer, 5 location trax, 3omnisphere trax and one izotope iris.
I barley can work.

please, anyone have any idea?

A few things to check:

Raise the buffer. Working at low latency increases the chances of glitches
Make sure you’re using the correct driver. RME drivers are way better than Motu, so you should be seeing improvements.
Check that you haven’t changed the multiprocessing prefs (in Devices, I think)


Thanx DG,

Sure Im on the last driver, the buffer is on full. This why its so strange.

update -

All the vstis are freezed execpt piano that i need to play. im back on small buffer . real time peak act crazy…full on

It sounds as though you have some driver causing latency within your system. On a properly configured system it should be stable at any latency with just the system load differing. Perhaps try or to see if you can narrow down what is causing the issue.

I went with the latencymon, good soft!
it seems to me that i have a problem with the report of hard pagefault count (now stands on 643), and the meter is red as blood.
I dont know exactly wha to do next. I have enough RAM.

From this site :

We believe that hard pagefaults are the most common cause of audio dropouts. The effect of a program hitting hard pagefaults while playing audio is usually dramatic. One problem with pagefaults is that they often come in groups so that a row of pagefault causes interruption of the audio stream.

It looks like you have a good track to investigate here…

Edit : The method to narrow the culprit of Hard pagefaults is on the link above in case you missed it.

If you’re using a Mac, take the videooutput.component out from the Nuendo application bundle. It’s a known and unsolved bug. The problem is that you won’t be able to use video anymore.

Antonio, Maybe I should uninstall Nuendo. It will also resolve the bug.
Of course I need the video, Im working with films.

I use something called VideoSlave, but it’s a pain in the ass

My man Antonio. I think we bought N so we would have EVERYTHING in one box.