HELP! Reason - Can't enslave on Cubase Artist


I bought Cubase Artist 6. How do I get my copy of reason 3.0 to run as a slave on Cubase Artist 6? It was easy to do when I had Cubase SX3.

Thank you.

Rewire set up properly?

BTW, I don’t know how to do it, never used it…

Is Rewire set up in Reason or Cubase?


I don’t exactly know, I guess in both. Seen a Melodyne-Rewire option in a Cubase menu (have Melodyne Editor installed), that’s where I’d look if I’d like to run MD as rewire slave. But well, I prefer using it as a plugin.

Cubase seems to know automatically which software can run as slave and a similar option might be found in Reason as well…