Help recording SYSEX

Hi All,

I just got Absolute 4 and oddly enough it took me on a retro journey.
Hooked up my old Roland Sound Canvas and enjoying goofing around with it again.
All is good, I can record and play, have both IN and OUT MIDI connections to my RME UFX to MIDI port 1.
I want to record a MIDI SYSEX dump from the Sound canvas but I see no MIDI input activity in Cubase.
I know the SYSEX data is getting into windows, I can see it with other utilities.
Took off the SYSEX filters in preferences, what else do I need to do to see SYSEX coming in?


If you’ve taken the filter off it should work as long as the track is record enabled.

As long as the filters are off, it should work.

If anything is successfully recorded you will know because the MIDI event will stay. If nothing was recorded, then no MIDI event will stay. The SysEx shows up in a MIDI ‘Controller Lane’, you have to open up this MIDI event and add the SysEx lane. the SysEx message itself will just look like a marker on the contoller lane.