Help recreating this triplet example

How do I recreate this set example of triplets and then quarter a note with slashed stem and 2 dots above representing eighth notes?
Triplet creation

For the 2 dots I think you need to create a new playing technique (the glyph is E22E in the tremolo section)

Thank you. I have created the Glyph, but can’t seem to get it to display above the note when stems down and below the note when stems up. I have tried different above and below, but no change. Suggestions?

Playing techniques respond to F (flip) to move between above and below the stave, or use the toggle in the properties panel.

Why one would write out the triplet yet abbreviate the duplet? Curious.

Originally a handwritten score. Not sure if it was due to spacing issues from other parts.

Of course. I should have remembered that. Trying to fast-track learning Dorico by recreating a hand-written score.

a) As a player I like this kind if notation.
b) I might be wrong, but I think I saw a resembling playing technique in the keyboard section.
[edit] sorry, it is a different one: