Help registering Cubase LE5

I just bought a Lexicón Alpha recording studio, which came with Cubase LE5 software. I’ve installed the software and made an Steinberg account, but when I go to “Register eLicenser / software / Enter Download Access Code” and type the CUBASE Serial Number (25 characters in 5 groups of 5) that comes in the CD paper case, it says “This Download Access Code does not exist. - 404”.

This is the only number I’ve found in the box. It is not valid as an activation code to use in eLicenser Control Center (which asks for a 32-character-long code). I haven’t recieved any email with any code, neither do I have the license USB in the box.

Thanks for your help.


Read this article, about an Activation Cubase.

If you have a problem with Cubase LE 5, see this article, please.

The problem wasn’t solved. Assuming that my “CUBASE Serial Number” is what you call a Download Access Code, the steinberg site doesn’t recognize it still. It is not solved after following the steps for uninstalling given in the second article.

Did you install the eLicenser Control Center application as an Administrator?

Solved! After installing the control center as an Admin, an activation code magically appeared on my steinberg profile. Thank you!

Hi ! Same problem but without magic can anybody help me to fix it?


Some servers were down yesterday, because of Chbase 9 release. And the. They were a bit overloaded.

Could you try it again, please?