Help! Reinstall Groove Agent 5 to PC elicenser issue


I am trying to reinstall Groove Agent 5 into my Windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the software from Steinberg Downloader Assistant. I am in the process of reinstalling everything in Windows. (Had to redo Windows)

I am kind of lost as to where to go from here. I was expecting to see Groove Agent 5 on the eLicenser application but could only see Cubase. Am I suppose to uninstall elicenser and reinstall? Am worried what will happen to my current Cubase installed if I did that.

Groove Agent 5 is downloaded and asking for a valid eLicense. Where do I go from here? Maybe there is a Youtube tutorial for this like the one to reinstall Cubase. It doesn’t seem to be the same procedure because I don’t see Groove Agent 5 in my eLicenser application like I did with Cubase when I reinstalled it at the time.

Thank you .

Is your Groove Agent license on usb licenser? If it is a soft license then you need to reactivate.

Hi Misohoza,

No USB and I am trying to reactivate. But on my eLicenser, Groove Agent 5 isn’t even showing.

I have installed and uninstalled a couple of times.

You should reactivate from your MySteinberg. You say the license is missing from your MySteinberg account?

If your license is not registered on your MySteinberg Account and you don’t have the old Soft-eLicenser serial, you can still use the activation code to make up on it.

Hi Jan,

My bad. It turns out I had bought Groove Agent only once. It is currently installed and am using it on the desktop. I was working on reinstalling my laptop at the time.

I really thought I had bought Groove Agent 5 twice.

Just a quick question, how many computers can I install one purchase of Groove Agent 5?


Hi Misohoza,

My bad. I had bought Groove Agent 5 once only. Thought I bought 2. So have it already installed in another machine.

Hi Lorendain,

You can install GA5 on as many machines as you want. But you need to have the license available on the machine you want to run GA5. Please have a look here:



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Thanks Jan! Will check out the link