HELP Reinstall Halion SE ?

How to reinstall Halion SE in Cubase 9.5 ?
I had problems with Halion since Cubase 9.5 came out last year.
Got messages that the VST sound Library can´t find many files.

So now I uninstalled Halion, and I updated to 9.5 41
I thougth this would be the solution, but not. :astonished:

So now is the whole Halion Content-library about 3 GB gone. :cry:
How to do to reinstall?

Must I do a full install 11 GB ?
Is there an easier way to just install the Halions Sonic SE Content? :question:


Install Cubase from the Full Installer. The whole HALion Sonic SE library is part of the Full Installer. No worry, only the missing parts will be installed, you will not overwrite your Cubase 9.5.41 by an old Cubase 9.5.0.

Thanks VERY MUCH Martin it worked now Halion sonic SE library is back again.

But same problems since Before EVERY time I edit VST nstrument the same message comes up
VST Sound Library not found,
C/users/appdata\Roaming\Steingberg Content\VSTSound\FCP_SMT_005Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_01.VSTSound ?
But the file is there I only click on Ignore and it´s working

Strange that it´s about Reverence I never use I that instead I use REVelation.


I wonder, I wouldn’t expect this file with HALion Sonic SE. To me it sounds like IR files for REVerence.

Yes it´s something to do with REVerence but I don´t use REVerence,
so it´s not a BIG problem for me :sunglasses:
just annoying me every times I click on Edit button

Maybe it´s disapear when I update to Cubase 10
next week

Anyway thanks for fast reply :wink: