HELP - Remote Spotting Session in Nuendo with Video?

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I was going to be working at my studio with a director on a project, and he was going to be here for the spotting session. COVID-19 has taken care of that for us. :frowning: However I’d like to be able to do a remote spotting session with him - but so far I haven’t seen how to send the accompanying video stream from the actual video player window (not a webcam). Am I missing something? Is there even a way to do this in Nuendo? Are there any third party plugins anyone can recommend possibly if Nuendo alone can’t? Sorry for the question salad. We are going to do an offline spotting session @ 3pm today if I can’t figure it out otherwise. Thanks everyone!

I have used this for a long time:


Thanks Fredo. I should have specified I’m on a Mac. :frowning:

OBS is free and cross-platform and can do all manners of screen capture and streaming. I know your window this time has passed, but if you have half an hour to play with it and get it figured out for next time, it might be just what you need. Stream to a private YouTube channel or something for your client.

(Speaking of Google… I don’t personally use Chrome, but can’t Chrome do screen capture/sharing via Hangouts? That’d be even simpler…)

Thanks for the reply. Yes, we did try OBS/Youtube solution - however the latency was just too painful, and the low-latency option didn’t help enough. But OBS is an option - maybe Vimeo’s stream option would work, although it costs.

If you have time/knoledge or help (I use my tech guy) you can setup a local server avoiding to having to use YouTube/twitch.

I run a Mac mini with OBS and a small server and grab audio and video stream from Nuendo using a HDMI splitter (many ways to do this, hdmi audio will only work on a Mac with a “merged” audio setup).
Client uses VLC and a service called srt.
Zoom for communication.
I use Nuendos built in talk back functionality to get my talkback mic routed to zoom (a little messy but it works).
I do not send voice through obs because of latency so only the mix and video.
Latency is around 2sec. Stream is encrypted and secure.