Help removing key command: Shift+Alt+Space

I’m trying to remove the Shift+Alt+Space key command, which seems to be attached to Play > Start of Project, but is not shown when I navigate to that key command in Preferences. I’ve removed Space and Shift+Space, but Shift+Alt+Space eludes me.

The issue is that Shift+Alt+Space is also tied to the nonbreaking space, which I use all the time when inputting Romance language lyrics. (No, I don’t want to use the _ undertie, for a variety of reasons.) For some reason, playback will occasionally start while I am trying to input a nonbreaking space in the lyrics popover. There is probably some user error here, but that would be resolved if I could just remove this key command.

When I press Shift+Alt+Space in key commands, it says it’s assigned to a mysterious "Play > " (see picture). Has anyone successfully removed this key command? Much thanks.

If you look at the Key Commands display available under the Help Menu, you’ll see that Shift-Alt-Space is allocated to Start or Stop Playback from the start of flow. If I recall correctly, that list contains a few Key Commands that don’t show up in the editable Key Commands Window. I’m guessing this is one of them.

I see what you’re referring to. Does this mean that this key command cannot be changed? If so, that seems highly arbitrary, and inconvenient for my purposes.

Also, playback has been occurring from the beginning of the project, not the flow I am working on. Presumably then “Start of Flow” refers to the flow in which the playhead is currently located?

I suppose I can uncheck “Follow playhead during playback” in Preferences, which will have to be my solution to keep from jumping back 40 pages every few minutes.

It’s true that there are some limitations for which key commands can show up in the Key Commands page of Preferences, and I’m sorry that this one is causing you inconvenience. If you’re willing to edit your keycommands_en.json file by hand, you should be able to graft in the following code, which will delete that key command:

				"context" : "kGlobal",
				"shortcuts" : [
						"Play.StartOrStop?PlayFromLocation=kStartOfFlow" : [ "DELETE:Shift+Alt+Space" ]

It’s a little tricky to edit the key commands JSON file, but there are a few posts on the forum from me and from Leo (pianoleo) that explain in detail how to do it.

Much appreciated, Daniel! That may be beyond my ken, but thanks for drawing up that code. I will look into it.