Help Request for Artist MC with Sony Vegas 12

I know this is a Nuendo forum, but a lot of us are using Euphonix controllers for POST WORK. So, as I’ve already posted this question on the Avid site and gotten no replies, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me with this problem.

My goal is to be able to run Nuendo, PT, Logic AND sony Vegas with one set of controls via the controller so that I don’t have to waste hours in manuals looking up how to do the same thing I can already do blindfolded in Nuendo. The controller works fine with the DAWs, but I’ve hit a brick wall with the Sony Video app.

Could anyone here talk me through the set-up process for getting the Artist MC to control Sony Vegas 12? I was was told that it was possible using the HUI/Mackie Protocol but I cant even get the Eucon Control to show Vegas in the menu to apply it. Can anyone help me set this up? I only need to get the basics up and running on it (Transport, basic editing, zoom control etc.).


I don’t know the answer, but I do use vegas 12 pro and can tell you to go look at the Creative Cow sony vegas forum. join up and ask there. somebody might know the answer. ed

Just in case anyone is able to offer any help on this, here’s the current status.

I’m getting conflicting messages between the controller and Vegas here.

In the V12 External Controls & Automation Menu (under preferences), It lists MACKIE CONTROL &/or GENERIC CONTROL as my options. Since Eucon supports mackie control, that’s the one I picked.

I went into he Eucon preferences as instructed in the avid application set-up. After opening the Eucon preferences, it said:

3 Locate the application you want to control in the Finder. This is found in your Applications folder or in the program’s own
folder at the top level of the hard drive.
4 Drag the Application icon into the middle of the Preference pane and release the mouse button. Its name and location appears
in the Application and Path columns, respectively.
5 Click in the Protocol column and select Mackie Control."

But when I added the V12 app into the Eucon menu, it listed is as HUI protocol Channels 1-4 & 5-8. :astonished:

When I checked the Vegas Pref. Menu, it says NO MACKIE DEVICES DETECTED and all of the Eucon MIDI channels 1 - 8 listed in the MIDI menu say NOT ACTIVE. :question:

GENERIC CONTROLLER uses the HUI protocol. So I added that to the V-12 Controller menu. It listed the status as ONE CONTROLLABLE MIDI CHANEL (???). :confused:

So, now what do I do?

GUESS the good news it that they at least “see each other” now. That’s more than I had before.

The controller is showing the normal layout for the mixer section of Vegas and Vegas is showing the one controllabel channel on the mixer. But that’s it. Absolutely NOTHING IS WORKING ( no transport, no solo or mute, etc.) not even the supposedly one controllable channel. The fader on the MC doesn’t make the fader on the Vegas mixer move at all. This is really puzzling!

Go back to the EuCon Preferences App. and follow instruction number 5 from the EuCon Preferences Setup! <Start \ Control Panel \ EUCON >

"5. Click in the Protocol column and select Mackie Control!"


Thanks for the tip. I did that and now Vegas is showing all the mixer channels as connected to the controller. Unfortunately, now the controller is back to showing me NOTHING from Vegas except the name. Any more suggestions?

I’m new to the whole EuCon thing, and have never used Sony Vegas 12! I realize you are trying to control Vegas via Mackie Control, but you have to remember that the Avid controllers are still EuCon controllers first… and they translate the EuCon protocol to the Mackie, or HUI protocols!

I read where others were able to fix their communication issues by deleting a configuration file for the DAW, and/or re-installing the EuCon software.

The Mackie website list Sony Vegas as being one of the Mackie Control supported programs, so I would say you might have a misconfiguration due to an errant configuration file!

Because you were able to get it to work with HUI , maybe Vegas is now expecting to communicate with that protocol, and to change that might not be so straight forward! I would make sure that I deleted the generic controller functionallity from within Vegas, and make sure only the Mackie Control protocol remains.

You may also consider reinstallation of your DAW, the EuCon software, and some more Googling for people who actually use Sony Vegas with the Avid controllers!

Sorry I can’t be more help, but at least you know it is supposed to work!

Good Luck!

Thanks for your help/interest. Here’s where I am on this. I finally got some advice from the avid forum from people who were using the MC with Vegas. I followed their instructions to the letter. Here’s how it turned out.

Ok just downloaded the Sony Vegas Pro 12 Trial. Got it working fairly quickly though is not completely intuitive:

1)Control Panel-> Eucon - Add ‘vegas120’ as a MackieControl ‘Midi 1-4’ device.

Me: > Check!

2) Fire up vegas. Options-> Preferences -> MIDI - Add Euphonix EUMidi1 to both Midi output and Midi input pages. Click Apply.

Me: > Check!

3) Select External Control & Automation Tab: Select Mackie Control & Hit add. Double click added surface in ‘Active control devices’ panel.

The screen should read as follows
Select Device type “Emulated Mackie Control device 1”
Channel mapping 1-8
Midi In: Euphonix EUMidi 1
Midi Out: Euphonix EUMidi 1
Click OK, then click OK again.

Me: > Check!

4) Now go to options and click ‘External Control’

Works for me. Track volume, names etc

Me: > I’ve only got Vegas showing connection to the controller. The controller is still acting like it’s off!

I had screen shots of every step to show them. But I couldn’t post them on their site because the insert image tab would only accept web (http://_______) photos (??? seriously???). As for your other suggestions about starting from scratch on each part. I did that too. Still no joy. This is ridiculous! So far, I’ve only found 2 people who could make this work. This is really wierd!

[quote=“Keyplayer”]The controller is still acting like it’s off![quote]

What does that mean? I mean put yourself in my shoes… I don’t know from your discription what exactly you are seeing!

Does the display light-up?

Do you see a giant AVID logo, or the default ready screen? In other words… Is the controller communicating with the EuControl software on your computer?

I agree that these controllers require jumping through a lot of hoops to get them properly setup, but the payoff is their flexibility!

From the looks of the instructions you got from the Vegas Forum… It sounds like the Avid Artist Control setup in Vegas is as, or even more complicated than setting them up in Cubase.

Being unfamiliar with Vegas means I can’t be more help… but my intuition says your answer is probably just correcting a slight configuration error!


It means that the MC is acting like it’s in “sleep mode” when you leave the DAW. Nuendo 6 on the screen? The MC reflects the status of the mix. You switch another page that’s not a DAW, say Word or even the X-tra keys config page and all the faders on the MC drop to zero and the touch screen goes blank except for showing the name of whatever you’re currently doing on the upper left corner of the screen.

There’s a guy on the Sony Vegas Forum telling me that Vegas hasn’t worked on Mackie Control since Version 8! He said that he ended up selling his MCU’s by version 10 because of this and all the reports he’s heard since then are that it’s like the lottery" it works sometimes for a couple of people but the rest of us are out of luck!"

BTW, I went back and tried the same instructions using the GENERIC REMOTE WITH HUI and I got the exact same results, NOTHING!

That “works for the lucky winners” paradigm is a new level of insanity! There must be SOME logical explanation, some missing link for why my using the exact same set of set-up/configuration instructions is only giving me and over priced paper weight! I’m trying to track down now if it matter which build version you’re using. I’m using the latest build version of Vegas withe the latest version of Eucon.

I think that’s a great idea! If Sony’s Vegas development team hasn’t been working on the EuCon / Mackie /HUI integration… then, there you go!

Finding the last supported version of EuCon/Mackie that worked with Vegas is the way to go, and that version may still work just fine with your other DAW’s.

I wouldn’t say the Avid Control is a paper weight though… It’s Sony who (if true) stopped development, and the controllers work just fine with other DAW’s that support EuCon /Mackie/ HUI!

Check out EuCon version 2.6, or 2.7.1, the great part about it is that Avid still has all these previous versions on their website.