Help Request: I can't get N6.5 back online

After months of fighting with the Avid MC Control, I finally took it offline about 6 weeks or so ago. The common “FIX” going around was to START FROM SCRATCH with a fresh C drive and re-load everything as needed in order to get a stable N6.5/MC Control setup. I had too many projects to do that at that time.

As things had slowed down, I decided yesterday to START FROM SCRATCH. So I put in a fresh C drive loaded with my 2012 ADK Paragon Backup to start again. After all of the windows updates and eLicense updates/maintenance were installed, I started trying to rebuild N6.5 from N4.3.

I tried to instal the N5.5.6 update and kept getting this error message.

I tried attaching it to N4 to show the path. But that only launched N4. My elicense says its up to date with all of my programs including N6.5 and all of my VSTi’s and plugs. So what is it looking for? How do I get it to upgrade to N5 and ultimately back to N6.5? I’m totally stumped.

Just install Nuendo 6.5. You do not need to upgrade.

I don’t get it. N5.0 opened just fine in both the 64 & 32 bit versions!

Why won’t the 5.5 update see the path? :question:

Okay, I’ve got 6.5 back up and running. I have to re-program ALL of my KC and other shortcuts (Grrrr). But I still can’t get 5.5 back. Can anyone tell me what to do for this?