Help requested: Problem setting up Roland TB-3 with Cubase 10.5


I could need some of your help. I got myself my first hardware synth, Roland TB-3 and I have some problems setting it up.

  1. How can I send MIDI data from Cubase Sequencer to TB3, If I draw midi notes manually or want to use VST sequencer, like Kirnu, to control TB3.

  2. How can I use Extrenal Instrument Inputs and record at the same time?

Now when I switch to External Instrument Inputs, my Stereo In - inputs are disabled, and vice versa.

I made a private video, you can see what I have been able to do. But I have seen videos where TB3 is fully controlled by DAW, but I have no idea how to do it.

I hope you can help me.

That’s one of the Roland boutique synths isn’t it? Check if it needs a driver from the Roland site, otherwise you create a MIDI track then the synth should appear as a MIDI destination in the track for you to select - I am assuming you have it connected via usb! Then double click between the l+r locators to create a MIDI part and draw your notes in with the pencil tool in the key editor. Not sure about the sequencer plugin, but RTFM! (however the MIDI output details are the same! :slight_smile:)
Once you have the MIDI working, you setup the external instrument with the same Midi details and the audio input you have connected the TB to.

I have several hardware synths, it suits my workflow not to have them set up as external instruments - I do however have the audio inputs named for the synths in question, so it is simple to record a MIDI track, then set up an audio track and record the output of the synth. I can then move on and record the next synth part with the same instrument if I want. If they were set up as external instruments I think I would be limited to one instance each. This also means I am committing to sound and performance at an early stage, however if it annoys me later on I can always redo it!