help requierd using 2 BCF2000 with VST5 or 7LE

Hello, I have spent the last 3 days or more trying to get VST 5 or 7 LE to work with 2 of BCF2000 in Macki mode so they control 16 channels on the mixer , I can get 1 working but not 2 to gether, does anybody have a step by step guide on how to do this ,Ive tried usb and midi using every possible combination of modes u1-4 s1-4 and all the wiring options from bcf manuel etc, all to no avail? either 1 works or both do the same thing , I have set them up as device 1 and 2 no difference,at least 1 video on utube shows it to be using three BCF 24 track wide and but info on how to achive this another shows how in sonar, I,m a hardware guy so midi setups and terms confuse me , all usb drivers and firmware are latest.I had this working on VST 3 8 or 9 years ago i then used midi and hacked the 2nd berhinger rom by copying the tables inside and adding 8 to them i think but that was another life !!
any help before I go bald tearing my hair out would be appreciated,I hope i have just missed somthing obvious! :unamused: PS i suspect the problem is with the usb drivers, I use windows 7 on custom PC, SSD,i5 processor 8 gig ram 2 of M audio Delta 1010’s

:smiley: Got it working-used Makie Baby Hui emulation
set BCF A to USB4 mode and set BCF B to S4 mode
connected BCF A to usb on computer
Connected BCF B MIDI in to Delta 1010 midi out and BCF B MIDI A out to Delta 1010 midi in
set bcf A to chanels 1-8 and BCF B to chanels 9-16 using the preset buttons on BCF
started cubase 5.1.1 set up 2 Baby hui devices from device manager set the appropriate midi ports
loaded a 16 track project and it worked :laughing: :smiley: hope this helps some one else

now to document and experiment (I would like it all on usb)
not to mention a mix or two