Help Required : Configuring a Mackie MCU with Cubase 8

Hi guys,

Are there any Mackie MCU users out here in North London. I recently picked up an MCU and i am having major problems trying to get it to communicate with Cubase 8 Pro via my Scarlett 18i20 interface.

The specific problem is, after configuring the MCU in Cubase, i can use the Daw to control the MCU, but i cannot for the
life of me get the MCU console to control cubase. As an aside my CC121 works bi-directionally with no issues.

My specific request is, can anyone get to Haringay (North London), and help me correctly get my MCU to communicate with Cubase. I would be prepared to pay for this service.



plugin the MCU (port 1 internal usb) BEFORE you start cubase
create a project with 4 mono audio and 4 midi tracks.
open devices>device setup
click the + at top left and add Mackie HUI
make sure you have both “input and output” ports selected in the MCU device setup
(mcu port 1 in/out).
open the mixer F3 and click the “visibility” tab. tick all of the inputs so they arent visible.
your faders should now control the 8 tracks you created and vice versa.
i use a tascam which is very similar.