Help: Roland drums, MIDI and Cubase 10.5 LE

New user trying to use a TD-3 kit to trigger drum sounds in Cubase 10.5 so I can record with the kit using sounds in Groove Agent.

TD-3 MIDI OUT to UR-22C MIDI IN, then USB to Windows 10 PC.

The first try i got keyboard sounds when i hit the drumpads through the PC monitors, then a minute later the Steinberg ASIO driver “was removed”… :confused:


The second try I can see a little green VU on the lower right corner bouncing when I hit the drumpad, but no sounds. It appears the DAW is getting the signal, but none of the VU meters on the strip or in Groove Agent I pull up show signal. (Yes, the little yellow speaker was on)

At no time have I heard sounds from the headphones of the UR-22, even switching back and forth from PC audio out or UR-22 audio out on the computer.

From what I’ve read so far it appears:

  • I can record through the audio port on the UR-22 instead and not use MIDI. (I’d get Roland sounds this way).
  • I can record MIDI info, edit it, and send it back to the TD-3 for Roland sounds (Not what I’m looking for).

I’d like to use the e-drums to trigger Groove Agent sounds in real time in Cubase. This method is more appealing than banging on a MiniLab to play drums. I sort of think there might be latency issues, but I could monitor myself through the headphone jack on the UR-22 to avoid this (i think).

I’ve spent the best part of the day reading and experimenting to no avail. I understand this is likely just a routing problem a noob isn’t aware of. Steep learning curve for me, but being stuck at home in a pandemic is a golden opportunity to finally learn how to use this gear and get some of the songs dancing around in my head recorded. :slight_smile:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to DM. Cheers.


Have you actually loaded a “sound” in Groove Agent? You say you can record MIDI to the track, so I assume your input routing is okay.

Thanks for the response.

No, I haven’t successfully loaded a sound in Groove Agent. Still learning the process.

What DID happen last night though, was when I started a new “Rock” project from the production folder, I got drum sounds when I hit the pads. Must already be drums loaded in. This is when I also discovered the small green meter in the lower left is MIDI activity IN.

I should be able to reverse engineer the routing from this new project to figure out how to load drums and get them to work.

Hi there. I used to use a Roland TD-1KV with Groove Agent and it’s been a while, but I remember there being a small drop down menu in the lower row of the plugin where you can select pre-made mapping for electronic drum kits. There wasn’t a Roland specific one (perhaps due to Yamaha owning Cubase?) but you could use a generic one and it was functional.

I’m no expert though. Let me know if you want me to explain this any further - I may have misunderstood your question. I’m still learning MIDI.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: