HELP! Roland MX-1 AIRA as controller for Cubase 8


I recently purchased a Roland MX-1 AIRA as a controller for cubase and it installs fine and cubase recognises that it is there but they don’t seem to be working together. the mx-1 doesn’t act as a controller nor does it act as a mixer there is nothing happening at all…

any help on this? there must be someone who has connected an mx-1 to cubase




To use any (Generic) MIDI Device in Cubase, open Devices > Device Setup, and Add the Generic Remote Device (by clicking to the + button, and selecting the “Generic Remote Device” from the menu). Please search the forum, how to set it up.

If ROLAND MX-1 Support Mackie Control protocol (it seems it doesn’t), you can Add the Mackie Control Device in the Device Setup instead of the Generic Remote Device.

Hi Irongalaxy, any luck yet with the MX1? I am thinking of buying one and also getting it to work with Cubase. Its also has a sound interface, is that recognized in Cubase?

still doesn’t seem to be working

(sorry didnt reply earlier)

Have you checked youtube

This also may be helpful.