Help search: issue

Hi Forum,
Am I the only one who misses the useful search function in the help menu that allows the user to find the exact location in the menus of a specific function (especially in super complex programmes like Dorico)?

The Jump bar works great but it would be nice if the user was aware of where certain functions are in the menus especially since many of Dorico’s settings are spread across various settings windows (Layout options, Engraving options, Notation options, Note inout options) and submenus.

That works for me.

It’s a built-in Mac feature, and only shows menu commands.

All the Options are now under the Library menu. Each Option dialog has its own Find function.

The Write-mode specific commands are under Write menu; same for Setup, Engrave.

My OS is set to german. This option only works for me, if Dorico is set to german. Why i don‘t know exactly.

It’s strange that the “Search” field doesn’t appear in my Dorico Help Menu and I cannot fin any option to activate that.
It’s even more strange because this feature works for every other software…I am under macOS
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As Nukkul suggests, perhaps the OS language and Dorico’s language have to match?

No, it’s not an issue related to language, I changed it to Italian and restarted the app…no way…And I have other apps in English in which this function works…

There’s nothing specific that Dorico itself is doing to allow the search field in the Help menu to appear. I guess there’s some internal thing that the operating system and the application negotiate to determine whether the search field can appear, but I don’t know what it might be.

Yes, it has to be some strange issue between macOS and Dorico.
Happy that this works in general.
Just to know, I’m under macOS Monterey 12.6.7.
Thanks for your patience.