Help search leaves much to be desired

I am a long time Cubase user and new Dorico user switching from Finale 2014 and I had such high hopes and do find many things easier and more functional, like midi note entry and the easy of making changes without having to erase a rest.

But seriously, the help function is woefully inadequate, I just spent 15 minutes looking for how to fix the number of measure per system. Searching on ‘measures per system’ in Dorico help returns wholly unrelated topics. Finally after several google searches and reading a bunch of forum posts I discovered ‘casting off’ (whatever that is) is the function. So I searched that in Dorico help…nothing. Finally I found a youtube video showing the function ‘fixed measures’ function is buried under Layout options.

You have a potentially great product but some aspects are really obtuse, especially for converting Finale users.

In the absence of a fully fleshed out manual, your best bet (although time-consuming) is to immerse yourself in the videos.

(This is why I bought Dorico when it first came out. I knew it would have a learning curve and figured I’d get started learning it little-by-little as early as possible. I confess, I still use Finale for production work and sound-file generation; but I am not sorry I bought Dorico.)

A writer has been engaged to produce a manual and is at work.

The current documentation is indeed very incomplete, but we are working hard on it and are making good progress. I have written about this elsewhere on the forum.