Help! Selecting an articulation before playing (with Expression Maps / Keyswitches)

I’m creating a template for orchestral music. Actually, I am creating the tracks and then saving them as track presets, so I can access them from mediabay.

My problem is that I would like to load a track with a Keyswitch and then be able to select the articulation before playing, but I have two things that make things difficult:

  • I can’t see which key is assigned to the keyswitches, as the expression map is small.
  • In some patches, the keyswitches are outside the piano (c-2 etc) and I cannot play them (I have a regular electric piano).
    I normally use attribute articulations, as once the passage is played you can assign an attribute to each note.
    Is there any workaround to make things easier? I would like to play faster without too much tinkering to improve the flow of ideas.


PS I think everything will be solved if the expression map menu in the inspector was resizable to the size of your number of articulations and if you could click on the articulations to make them play. I’ve seen some people doing this kind of things with external tablets, but it seems quite difficult and It doesn’t seem to be very clear…


You can assign any MIDI Key to the Expression Map slot. So you can assign a keys, which are in your MIDI Keyboard range.

Yes, I know but this is not always possible because of the range of the instrument. If I’m playing a piano-like with different articulations (there are some like these in Metropolis Ark 2 for instance) I can’t do it.

Yes indeed the only way to access all the joints is either a touchscreen tablet
or a touch screen
otherwise the attributes also allow you to change the articulation

I use the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin

This page allows me to trigger all the articulations I want

When to say that it is difficult yes and no
it all depends on the solution envisaged
Open Stage Control, which I don’t know, seems very powerful but requires midi programming from what I’ve seen.
With Sherlock all orders are ready
installation requires a little time of course but no complicated programming

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