help setting up cubase please

can someone please just tell me how to do this…im getting extremely frustrated and loosing my patients with this and i seem to just be going round in circals. i have tryd reading through the guide and i am still stuck…im using the trial cubase elements 9 and i have wasted 2 days now because i cant get it to work properly on my computer. I need help. up untill now I have been using audacity and i have no issues at all with detects my speakers it detects my interface and mic and it all works fine.but cubase dosent…i just want to get cubase to work like how it works with audacity.

my set up

custom pc
z270 asus maximus ix motherboard
16gb DDR4@3200mhz
i7 7700k cpu

audio interface is a focurite scarlet 2i2 and Mic is a neumann TLM 102

the focusrite is connected to my motherboard via usb 3.0 the speakers are connected to my motherboard.

when i load cubase there is no sound. when i quite cubase there is sound… i dont no what to do and need full walkthrough on how to set this up…please help me.

Please connect your speakers to your audio interface not to your motherboard.