Help setting up FX

Guys and gals - I know this is DAW 101 but I am a songwriter first and was recommended Cubase to record my songs. I use a lot of vocal harmonies and when I put my plugins on each track as an insert (the same with eq) it loads up my CPU and the track starts stuttering. I can’t work out how to set up FX so that I can access them from any track e.g. all my vocal tracks access my Nectar plugin, all my guitar tracks access spring reverb and delays and so on…

I know it’s got to be easy but virtual environments are nothing like physical environments where you can see the signal path and Cubase is not very logical in its architecture. Is the FX bus just another name for an Aux rail? (and so on…)

So, in summary: How do I set up my FX so i can access them from any track with the minimum load to my CPU? I am operating 8.5 Pro on a Macbook Pro.

Many thanks in advance,

Hi and welcome,

The easiest way is to select all Vocal Channels in the MixConsole, right-click and select: Aff FX Channel for Selected Tracks. New FX Channel is created. All source Audio Vocal Channels have Send routed to the FX Channel. Sends are enabled and set to 0.0. Now, you can adjust the Send level for every single Channel in the Sends section of the Channel.

Quite simple…thanks Martin :slight_smile: