Help setting up midi to bass station 2

I really need some help I got a bass station 2 I can record audio from it in cubase but what I want to do is send midi from cubase to activate the bass station without physically playing the key please help

without knowing the bass station
you should search for some videos

Thats the first thing i did was google it and tried multiple differant things to get the midi to work. so i thought id ask here where there may be people with a lot of knowledge of cubase midi routing. what a pointless unelpful reply, like checking videos and google isnt the first thing i did.

I don’t know the bass station 2 but how are you connecting from your computer to your device? Is it via midi cable or USB cable?

You may also need to amend the settings within the Bass Station 2 so it (a) receives midi information (b) local is off/on

If you tried something already, why do you keep it secret?
It would be much better to name your problem and not ask for a general how-to that is covered many times on the internet…