Help setting up project for live tour

hi guys, sorry for the long post…
I have some questions and I just cant find the answers…

I’m going to tour with my band, in which I play keys(organs/strings/rhodes/hammond ect…), but my setup is pretty complex…
(BTW - I’m running cubase 9 pro).

how to setup a project better for my laptop? (clean live preformance and quick switching between songs)

the band have 14 songs, each song has 2-4 different vst(sounds)… lets just say 4 sounds per song(for this situation…)

  • each song has different splitting or layering settings(for example 2 songs can share the same sounds but have different splits and octaves in diffrent hands)
  • But in reality, I’m using some kind of combination of the same 10 sounds, (5 halion presets and 5 other vsts-one preset each) ,
    with diffrence in octaves, splits/layers and some light vst twicking between songs.
    (some songs have 4 timbers(as 1 preset) of halion sonic se2 (one vst track for that song), some songs have 4 different vsts together(4 tracks), or 2 halions timbers and 2 vsts all togegher(3 tracks)

I have an idea of how it should work…I just dont know how to do it, or if its even the best way…

What I want to achieve:

  • Create only 6 vst tracks(all the vst’s I’m using)

  • I thought of making 14 presets for each of the vst, for each song and label them ‘song’+(1-14)…
    and then send midi program change messege(1-14) from my keyboard that runs through all of the vst’s, and change their presets to the corresponding message. ( the vsts that shouldn’t be active for that spesific song, just has 0 volume as that preset, or maybe switch the vst off for better latency or better cpu/ram usage)
    By the end:

  • I want to assign 4 faders on my keyboard for changing volumes for each of the song’s sounds(those faders control different sounds every song…how?
    it can be 4 different vsts, single vst with 4 multi-timber, or multitimber+ (maybe having 4 halion instances for making each track trigger diffrent sound is better?)

  • Assign 4 buttons for Mutting/unmutting each of the song’s sound(same comment as faders)

(my midi keyboard is pretty costumizable, shouldn’t be a problem).

  • For switching through 14 songs,
    I want to assign 2 buttons(+/-) to toggle/pick the midi program message(1-14)

So the big question is - How, dear lord, can I achieve those things? its all just a theory now…

is it too much for the cpu/ram to handle? or too slow to switch between songs?

what is the best way to program the project for this kind of song list?

Again, sorry for the long post and thank you for your help!

Edit: basically my project is 6 vst tracks, all selected and played simultaneously, but you can hear 1-4 tracks at a time…
Can I have a better setup for my laptop?(in terms of latency, cpu/ram usage)