Hi guys, ive recently bought a yamaha o1v96i to improve my mixes in cubase. im just in the process of setting everything up but am having problems getting past syncing cubase with studio manager 2 which is the software that comes with the mixer to make it work with cubase.

im using windows 7 64bit with cubase 6. ive installed the yamaha usb drivers, studio manager 2 and also the o1v96i device for studio manager. when i open studio manager within cubase it does not show the o1v96i device. im not sure what im doing wrong here.

i have managed to get this working ok in standalone mode without cubase. when i open the studio manager in standalone mode the o1v96i device shows up ok and i can sync it but this is not the case when i open it in cubase…

ive made sure all the dll’s are in the 64bit c drive folder so im just not sure what im not doing correctly.

has anyone else had this or able to help?

I am guessing as you haven’t posted again that you have sorted this problem by now, but just in case you haven’t standalone mode is independent from what Cubase uses so you will have to make the same settings in cubase also. Its been a long time since I have done this and I am not at the studio right now, but make sure you have the o1v96i device load in cubase and set the correct midi ports in the setting or setup page on.

Hello could you tell me how you solved this ,
I’m experiencing the same thing its driving my crazy

Thanks in advance

As discussed in an other subject, it seems to be a problem between Cubase 6/6.5 and Studio Manager when in 64 bits mode of Windows. Maybe Yamaha / Steinberg should urgently fix this problem. (it works fine in Windows XP 32)
Studio Manager works fine in stanalone mode, but when Cubase is launched, the new instance of StudManag. doesn’t see any device. (it says: no compatible device in your workspace). That’s logical because Cubase doesn’t connect my 01V96i (for example) with Studio Manager.
All ports tested (1 to 8 on 01V96i), all configs tested (in Midi Device or Peripheric) … nothing works