Help! Setup issues (Newb)

Hey all,
I bought a Steinberg UR22 a few weeks ago and i’ve had nothing but trouble with setup.

Here is what i’m working with:
Home Built PC
Windows 7 (Down graded from 10 specifically for use with Cubase)
Onboard Realtek sound card Driver version (I know I should get a better one but i’m not going for pro sound)
Cubase AI 8.0.30

I finally got it to where I can record but I keep having to switch back and forth between the Steinberg USB AISO driver and the “Generic” one. I can only record with the Steinberg driver and playback through my monitors (hooked up into my sound card) with the Generic driver. I don’t want to switch between connecting my monitors to my computer and the UR22.

Can anyone lend any advise on what i’m doing wrong? I apologize for the seemingly newbie style of question.


Plug everything in your UR22 and use it as your main “soundcard” .

Then you’ll hear everything that goes in the soundcard through the monitors, because of the direct monitoring, to remove it (unfortunately set by default) , just click here:

“DAW” is the sound from your computer.
(this is the DSP Mix FX aka Steinberg UR** tool)
you can also do that dirrectly from Cubase (just check the manual on how to do it because I have no idea how, I don’t use cubase).

Hope it helps.