HELP!!! Severe Audio Break when Recording at 64 samples

Hello Forum!

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this problem before but when I record audio from my mic I typically try to lower the sample rate as low as I can without having it affect the overall performance when playing back the audio simultaneously during the record.

I’ve found the sweet spot for me is at 64 samples. If I go 32 samples (the lowest) then the audio going in and also coming out is severely affected having a static sounding affect.

If I raise my sample rate more than 64, then the static sound is eliminated on the audio going in and audio coming out; but then when I try to record vocals while playing back my audio, there are a few milliseconds of delay between the time the audio goes into Cubase and is heard. This makes it virtually impossible to record in time with the playback.

Oddly, this problem doesn’t always happen and I usually can record vocals and playback simultaneously at 64 samples without issue so I am not certain what conditions could contribute to the issue.

Has anyone had a similar issue as such and / or can anyone provide any suggestions where I may look within Cubase settings or some other part of the project to prevent the issue???

Desparate for help now because it is delaying a critical task I currently have.

Please help!!

Did you try Constrain delay compensation?

Do you have any plugins on the master? Especially plugins with high processing latency like Ozone or similar.
Even if your buffer is low, you have to wait for the plugins to do their processing if they are in direct signal path of your recorded track (track inserts, group inserts, sends, master).

All plugins are operating specifically to each track right now, non on the master. Where is the “Constrain Delay Compensation” option at???

Or am I misunderstanding the suggestion?

Often when recording vocals or other live instruments, people will use direct monitoring supplied by the audio interface.
This bypasses the problem of latency completely,

If you must record via Cubase then as said, either be sure you do not use any plugins that add latency or click the constrain latency compensation button…which just switches off the plugs with latency that are affecting your record chain. You can re-enable it after recording.

It’s a button on the main toolbar. Putting the term into the Cubase manual search or even into Google images will show you what it looks like.

As far as recording at buffers of 32…there are not many combinations of PC and Audio interface that will manage this without dropouts.

Thanks guys! Your answers just saved me a huge loss of time and work.

The Constrain Delay Compensation option was a great tip. I also checked the following options in the Audio system area as well that seemed to have helped a lot as well. Not sure to what degree the combination of things I’ve changed actually fixed the issue but I’m just glad its resolved.

Activate Multi Processing - checked
Activate ASIO-Guard - checked
Adjust for Record Latency - checked

ASIO-Guard Level: High