Help! Silence at beginning arranger track issue

Hi, I am new to Cubase 13 pro. I’m not sure the best way to do this but I like to create a guide track when I’m recording a song and I use the arranger track often to experiment with song arrangements. I usually like to have four beats at the beginning of a project so that when I mix down, I have some flexibility in terms of how much silence happens before the song actually kicks in. I had a little bit of space at the beginning of the song, and had the beginning of the song start with the intro and then use the arranger track and flattened the arranger chain. When I did that, everything went to the very beginning of the project timeline. What is the best way for me to start a song where there is a little bit of silence at the beginning? I also use Drummer three to help me write and I just need to have everything sync. So I like to have a marker called “beginning” then the actual song start is always called “intro”. So using position markers I can go back to the beginning of the project (the silence before the band starts playing) but then the intro marker is the start of the music. I get confused with the fact that position markers are mixed with locators so that 1 and 2 are already taken

Can you post a screenshot showing the Arranger Track’s settings.

I agree, but these are just Key Commands which you can change. I set mine so “-” and “+” on the keypad go to the Locators and set the freed up numbers to go to the first two Markers.