Help Slow down with Cubase 6


I am new here, Before was using Cubase 5 and purchased Cubase 6

I also upgradred my sytem to a Intel Core 2 E8400 - 4gb Ram - Windows 7 32 / 64 and SteinBerg Ci2

When i was using Cubase 5 with low spec machine has no problems on Win 7 x64

Now i have installed Cubase 6 i have problem with Asio maxing 100% on the same track under cubase 5 at 50% with a slowing cpu with the same plugins and effects running

I installed Cubase 6 x64 and it was really slow using audio effect and plugins on my Tracks audio running slow, sounding really bad.

So 1st I rebuilt my System with Win7 x64 an found it was the same with Cubase 32 / 64

So rebuilt my system with Windows 7 x86 and install Cubase 32 and my plugins etc and it was a litle better maybe becuase the plugins as 32bit not 64bit…

but still i get audio drop outs and slow running with more effects .

what has changed so much between the version 5 & 6 to cause this…

I have a Basic install of Windows 7 x86 now that i have tweaked with all none used services off no visuals running, Power managment disabled, Reg parking patched 0 setup…Cpu stepping in bios off plus various other options off.

I Need Help Please any body with any idea´s

Kindest regards


I have the same problem. With a core2duo 3.0 ghz CPU and 6 GB’s of memory.

I have the feeling it is the GUI of cubase that creates these CPU peeks and audio dropouts.