Help! Some of my tracks disappeared

I saved my project yesterday 10 times during my work. Today I open Cubase 8 Artist in last version and opened my project but a lot of my recorded tracks is empty! From twelve I have only 4 with midi instruments. All recorded earlier disappeared.

I tried to open bak tracks but there is the same on each. I can see only names of them but they are empty. Is it possible that I loose all of my work???

Could you help me? I think all of them should be in Pool but I don’t know how can I import it and which of them would be the last.


Are you talking about tracks itself, or events in the track, or data in the events, please?

If tracks: Check Visibility, please.
If events: check TrackVersions, please.
If data: …hmmm, check if they are not Muted (but you should see them at least in the editors then).

Btw: Audio/MIDI/Instruments?

OK. It wasn’t visibility problem but I have this project! I tried to install Miroslav Philharmonik and I had changed by the way some tracks but they always be safe :wink: It is my fault.

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile: