Help - Staff disappearing from Grand staff

Hi there,
Would somebody have an idea why my harps treble staff disappeared?
It’s present in the precedent and following flows.
I have three staves on my harp (a grand staff and an added staff) : all of thew show in the Harp part, 2 in the Conductor scroll view and 1 in the Conductor page view!
The extra staff flag doesn’t appear in this flow for the Harp, but if I open it from another instrument, my 3 harp staves appear, but showing, hiding or reinitializing the missing staff doesn’t change anything.

If ever you have an idea where that might come from, please share! I really need to deliver that piece.


Dear Québ,
Have you played with Staff visibility ? That would be a property of a break at the beginning of that page… If not, try to use it : double click the break (input it if you need) and make the harp visible. Does it change anything?

Allo Marc,
Yea I did, tons of time! Actually, after trying 500 times I just toggle it again and the staff appeared, but with a messy layout at least for this flow. I have
No idea what I did wrong, nor what I did right to fix it!
Anyway, it’s 6 am here and I need to sleep!