Help! Steinberg CI1 Issue - No Sound From Condenser Mic

Hi all,
First of all I am very new to this audio interface. I just got a Steinberg CI1 connected to my MXL990 condenser mic. Apparently I have connected the XLR cable from the condenser mic to the Mic/Line 2/R Input while the audio interface, which is connected to my MacBook Pro through USB, is green (generally on).

However, the issue now lies in the condenser mic, which does not make any sound. On the other hand, the Peak LED on Input 2 Gain is also rather dull and was not fully bright in color after the Phantom Input was switched on. I did not connect anything to the Output or the Headphones in the interface. Does this have anything to do with it? Or is there any problem that causes this to happen? Since I am new to all this it is quite frustrating for me and I hope I can receive a reply very soon.

Regards and many thanks,

Hi There

This may sound obvious but have you switched the phantom power on?

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Hi Dave,
Yes the Phantom Power has been on. The input light is blinking but there is no recording from the computer.