HELP!!! Talkback giving big problem in 7.5.2/3 SOLVED

Hi All

I suddenly have a really daft problem which should be easy but I just can’t figure. Lately due to the 7.5.3 problems I 've gone back to 7.5.2. In the process I must have clicked /changed something and now when I use talk-back, which I mostly keep on all the time (I do lots of talking to the artists/vocalists) the volume drops to nearly zero. If I unclick the talk-back button in CR, everything is fine. The booth is cool, the artists are hearing everything correctly, but CR( my) volume is gone if talk-back is on, this is true of all 3 sets of speakers, additionally if i set the control room output to “cue”, that volume is also close to zero. I have tried all the preferences (Dim during talk-back) plus adjusting the levels preference just below that, I have trashed preferences (both using safe start up and completely deleting them). I have a horrible feeling the answer is embarrassingly simple, but I just can’t figure it. Somehow the talk-back button is interfering with the signal flow. Any ideas fellas??? Just in case it’s not in my signature I use the UR824.

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Found it, Knew it was really stupid. Read the Manual (which is for 7.5.) and realised there were controls “missing” which turned up when I click the “arrow” which just is a kink in the line:-))) below where it says “Main”. REALLY dumb, did a session like that trying not to look stressed!!!Never mind, Sorted :slight_smile:

Same problem for me ;/ but thank you Dave, you saved the day!!!