Help...this is driving me nuts

I am using the Steinberg UR44 and i have my electric guitar plugged into Input 2 on the front.

I am also using a software effects unit called Bias FX. The effects unit adds effects such as distortion to my guitar signal.

When I do this, I hear the signal with distortion on it. However, when I try to stream the signal to Facebook Live, it only picks up the non processed sound of my guitar. It does not pick up the processed, distorted sound.

How can I solve this so that when I stream the signal, the stream gets the processed sound?


I have the same issue with effects from my mic fed through an analog mixer into my URRT2. I am amazed that there is no response in over 2 months

Hey guys
I am in no way an expert on live streaming, but since it’s sad that you haven’t gotten any replies I´ll do what i can.
For @Learn2lead I would think it’s a matter of turning on loopback:

@dseils.ds I guess you are also referring to software effects, not effects in the microphone or mixer? Then loopback would proably be the way for you too I think.